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Words that caress my heart

In this section I will present my heart in words, my poetry that no soul has ever read before. This is a quite vulnerable section so I hope you tread lightly in. 


My heart is such a delicate place for words to climb into. Every book, every sentence has its own unique feel. A word can change your perspective on life, or even just the moment you find yourself in. I read a lot of books written by women, but books written by men has always had a different impact on how I read their words. A man and a woman can use the same words but they will always use them differently. It is so fascinating to me that you can see the similarities, but the way they have written is so different and makes you feel totally different, and I think that is extremely important to understand. It is important to remember who you are reading. Get in there, feel the words, say them out loud. It will change your perspective of how you read books. 

Another year has past

Another year has past. How fast this year has been is unbelievable to me. I have really become a better version of myself and I could not be more proud of myself and the woman I have become. A year ago I would never imagine myself being here I am now, and that in itself is beyond my imagination. 2024 will be filled with dreams, hopes and love. What this new year will bring is what my future holds.

Milk Tooth


I remember when my last milk tooth fell and I could taste the blood in my mouth. The taste of an ending childhood made me feel sentimental, heartfelt even. I never knew such feelings existed, or maybe it would be better to say “ended”(?). My girlhood never ended at nine, my girlhood was all  I ever knew.




The blood oranges in our garden have become ripe and delicious. You pick one down, peel it, and the red juice drips from your hands and onto the ground. It looked like stained blood on our hands after we finished eating the ripe fruit. You kissed my lips and the bitter taste of orange remained, the scent filled the air. The warm mornings and the cold nights have created the most perfect crimson delight. Spring is finally upon us.

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