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Sentimental Value 

In this section I will collect what I hold with such sentimental value, both in mind and object, to show that you can love the things you possess just as fully.

Love At The Church

An Ivory and Dark Ruby hairbrush 


The Mason Pearson "Junior" hairbrushes have been my absolute favourite for years. I remember when my mother bought them for the first time when I was a little girl, and it was life changing. I have always had thick hair so it was difficult to find a brush that did not hurt when my mother brushed it, and mostly, one that did not break. When my mother found Mason Pearson, the experience of brushing my hair changed immediately. It did not hurt, my hair got shinier, and the volume in my hair got more defined. Since then, I have never used, or bought another hairbrush. Since I have had these for such a long time, it has developed a sentimental attachment between me and the brushes. The ones I have now is the ones my mother bought all those years ago. They last a lifetime. 

I could not recommend another hairbrush more. 

I love decorating with the brushes. It makes a simple object become so much more.

A love letter with an emerald inside 

IMG_7757 2.HEIC

For my birthday in December, my "kjæreste" gave me this envelope with a silk ribbon tied to it. He has never written a letter to me before so I got very emotional when I found it on the blue velvet bedspread in my room. Inside the envelope, there was a hidden emerald stone as well as a handwritten note. At first I did not know what I would do with the stone, but then Ernest said "with this emerald, you can choose what you want me to make of it. A neckless, a ring. Anything you wish for". 

All the gifts my love has given me has been so sentimental and meaningful. I could not ask for a better love than we have.

A rosy lamp in the cellar of a restaurant in Copenhagen 

This was the first restaurant I went to when I moved to Copenhagen. It has sort of grown on me. The food is delicious, the architecture is beautiful and it is sentimental to see pictures from here. It reminds me of the time I lived there and the cozy dinners I had with my loved ones. 

Restaurant: Trattoria Fiat

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