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 A deeply emotional poet

My name is Matilde Elisabeth Kildalsen Lorentzen and I am a deeply emotional poet. I have never been the one to say "hello" whilst introducing myself  in writing since I felt it sounded less personal. I found writing at a very young age and I have kept that talent and admiration somewhat hidden all these years. You will find that what I love, I hold with such sentimental value. Poetry, reading & writing has always been something I have held close to my heart, and will forever have a special place in it.

My love for books, furniture & decor, photographs and fashion is beyond measure. I will share all that I find beautiful & sentimental, inspiring and interesting in forms of moodboards, my own words, and moments I have captured myself. All of what I am sharing will be honest, real and untouched, so I hope all of you will find it beautiful and inspiring as well. 

This is my life,

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