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My 2024 (January-June)

Milk Tooth


I remember when my last milk tooth fell and I could taste the blood in my mouth. The taste of an ending childhood made me feel sentimental, heartfelt even. I never knew such feelings existed, or maybe it would be better to say “ended”(?). My girlhood never ended at nine, my girlhood was all I ever knew.

madonna in a fur coat.HEIC



The blood oranges in our garden have become ripe and delicious. You pick one down, peel it, and the red juice drips from your hands and onto the ground. It looked like stained blood on our hands after we finished eating the ripe fruit. You kissed my lips and the bitter taste of orange remained, the scent filled the air. The warm mornings and the cold nights have created the most perfect crimson delight. Spring is finally upon us.

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