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Small Bites

In this section I will present what I have eaten lately and what I find delicious.

Happy New Year!


For New Years my boyfriend took me to one of our favorite restaurants in our favorite city. The atmosphere was at its peak, and everything, from food to drink, was more than satisfactory. We decided to have the tasting menu, which we did not regret. From the freshness of oysters, to the richness of chocolate, every dish accompanied each other beautifully into one whole experience.


We started the evening by ordering the classic of all classics, an Old Fashioned. The delicate taste of whiskey accompanied by the citrusy note of orange, the sweetness of sugar mixed with the spice of bitters was the perfect beginning to an even perfect evening.

I wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year, and I hope this year will be sweeter and more delicate than the last. Be yourselves and speak words of kindness.

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